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About us

The Five Folds One Cloth name is not a way to produce soap; it is all about family.  A while back the name just came to me.  There are five people in our family. Each one is a unique individual yet we all make up one family.  That's where the name Five Folds One Cloth  comes from. It celebrates each person for who they are and embraces them all into our family.  Ove= time, there have been a few more folds added into our cloth and we welcome each one of them with open arms.

Each product is made with love, kindness,  and acceptance as if it's being made for a family member.  In fact, before it's introduced to market, it's been made for a family member first. If they enjoy it and it meets their approval, then it's offered to the rest of the world.

One more thing Five Folds One Cloth skin love products does not believe binaries should be used to sell products for skin. Essentially if you  have skin then the product is for you.